Andrea Eastman received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Alfred University, majoring in Photography and Printmaking. She captured memories for over 25 years at Eastman Portrait Studio on Binghamton's West Side, specializing in Children, Pet, and Family Portraits. Her portraits are well known for her trademark high key white background, her artistic posing and unique props

A Sunday homily led her to return to painting. What makes her paintings, and therefore her prints unique, is the fact that she prays for people while painting. She then takes photographs of her paintings.
She was surprised to find that when prints of her first paintings were first displayed in a local gallery, other artists commented on the angels in her paintings. She was not aware of the images prior to this and did not intentionally put them in the paintings. Since then along with angels,  people have seen numerous  religious images and images that relate specifically to their lives. 

Andrea launched her Inspirational Gift Line in 2014 with her hand painted silk scarves.  Again she was surprised when one of the first poeple to see them immediatey said, "they are full of angels like your paintings!"
You can find her Inspirational Gift Line along with her Museum Quality Fine Art Prints in her Online Store.
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